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Annie Hall
(USA, 1977) romantic comedy

director: Woody Allen
screenplay: Woody Allen
screenplay: Marshall Brickman
director of photography: Gordon Willis
producer: Robert Greenhut
casting: Juliet Taylor

Diane Keaton
Woody Allen
Tony Roberts
Carol Kane
Paul Simon
Shelley Duvall
Janet Margolin
Colleen Dewhurst
Christopher Walken
Donald Symington
Helen Ludlam
Mordecai Lawner
Joan Newman
Jonathan Munk
Ruth Volner
Martin Rosenblatt
Hy Anzell
Rashel Novikoff
Marshall McLuhan
Christine Jones

"Annie Hall" is definately the most crucial Woody Allen's movie. Watching that movie we can not only laugh but also to learn something. "Annie Hall" became a huge success with critisc and audience. As Woody Allen says, this movie was a more mature and more serious brand of humor.
Life of Alvy Singer, one of the most brilliant Manhattan comedians, changes when his best friend Bob (Tony Roberts) introduces him to a night club singer: Annie Hall (Diane Keaton). Alvy doesn't realize, that he is really in love, untill Annie - looking for a new experience and ... a new lover (Paul Simon) - leaves him. Right after that Alvy is doing everything to be with Annie, the most important person in his life, his true love.


Annie: You followed me. I can't believe it.
Alvy: I didn't follow you.
Annie: You followed me.
Alvy: Why? Because I was walking along the block behind you staring at you? That's not following.
Annie: Well, what's your definition of following?
Alvy: Following is different. I was spying.

Hi, Hi, Hi.
Oh, hi, hi
Well, bye.

Do you love me?
Love is too weak a word. I lerve you. You know, I lo-ove you. I luff you. There are two "f's." I have to invent... of course I love you.