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(USA, 1979) comedy/ drama/ romance
Director: Woody Allen
Screenplay: Woody Allen and Marshall Brickman
Director of photography: Gordon Willis
Music: George Gershwin
Casting: Juliet Taylor

Woody Allen
Diane Keaton
Michael Murphy
Mariel Hemingway
Meryl Streep
Anne Byrne
Karen Ludwig
Michael O'Donoghue
Damion Sheller
Wallace Shawn
Bill Anthony
John Doumanian
Raymond Serra
Victor Truro
Tisa Farrow
Helen Hanft
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Karen Allen
Woody Allen's masterpiece made in black and white (set in Manhattan). The central character is played by Woody. Writer Isaac Davis needs a change in his life. Unlucky in love he is involved in a safe relationship with Tracy (Mariel Hemingway) who is 17 years old. Davis, whose first wife (Meryl Streep) became a lesbian, devotes Tracy for Mary (exlover of his friend Yale). One of the finer Woody Allen's endings.

Isaac: I did not try to run her over....it was dark...the driveway was very slippery...you know
I don't drive well...
Jill: Oh yeah? What would Freud say?
Isaac: Freud would say I wanted to run her over. That's why he was a genius.

Mary:(laughing nervously) Hey, listen. Hey, listen. I don't even wanna have this conversation. I mean- really, I mean, I'm just from Philadelphia. You know, I mean, we believe in God, so- uh, uh, okay?
Ike:(gesturing) What the hell does that mean?
Mary:(frowning, confused) Is it?
Ike:(gesturing) What is it- what- what'd you- what'd you- what'd she mean - what do you mean by that there? Mary: Well, what - Ike:(interrupting) "I'm from Philadelphia." "I believe in God." What - what does. . . (Mary laughs nervously) Does this make - any sense to you at all? I... I mean I'm from Philadelphia. I - don't even believe in God or anything...